The Tent aims to be an excellent organisation that uses the best practices to enable our teenage clients to reintegrate themselves back to their families and society.


Through our structured programmes, which are based on compassion and respect for each individual, our clients will experience "new truth" which is a deeper awareness of their basic dignity and goodness.
Our ministry to our clients and their families is based on

1 respect for their inherent dignity, faith and culture.
2 a compassionate approach in our service delivery.

Who do we serve?

Teenage girls (11-19 yrs) who :

  • come from broken and dysfunctional families.
  • are abused and in need of care and protection.
  • exhibit behavioural problems.
  • are in need of crisis shelter.

Why the Name?

The Tent derives its name from the Old Testament of the Bible. It was the Tent that housed the tabernacle, the place God dwells. Persons who enter the Tent are held in high respect and it is a place where their inherent dignity is recognised.

The Tent also suggests a shelter that is temporary and the resident is helped towards a reconciliation with herself and family.