“The Tent” endeavours to provide a safe and conducive environment for female adolescents in need so that they can attain reconciliation within themselves, with their families and society.


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1034 Upper Serangoon Road
Tel: +65 6283 7696/5
Fax: +65 62843988




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  Why the Name?
The Tent derives its name from the Old Testament of the Bible. It was the Tent that housed the tabenacle, the place God dwells. Persons who enter the Tent are held in high respect and it is a place where their inherent dignity is recognised.

The Tent also suggests a shelter that is temporary and the resident is helped towards a reconciliation with herself and family.

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Vanessa's Testimonial
Everything at the Centre was structured and organized-from the time I woke up to go to school, to the time I went to bed. Although I did not have much of a choice, on hindsight, it helped me to be more disciplined and to take more initiative.

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