The Programmes

The Cornerstone Programme
Foundation programs which are fundamental to each resident.

  • Personal development
  • Clothes mending and fabric care
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Study discipline
  • Meal preparation
  • Decision-making
  • Time management
  • Anger management
  • Budgeting
  • QT (Quiet Time and Reflections)

The Fledge Programme
Camps – The Tent holds annual camps for the residents.
This gives the residents the opportunity to learn and grow, ultimately leading to positive changes in their lives.
During these camps, the residents will be given the opportunity to
Work together in teams.
Take initiatives and show leadership qualities.
To value and respect differences each may have and still get along with one another.
To have some clean fun.

Music and drama
The residents are encouraged to experience music and drama at The Tent.

For residents who have come and gone, they will tell you of their experiences they have had performing, be it in front of their peers or to the larger community. Together with experienced and nurturing volunteers, it is amazing how the residents grow in confidence, wanting to perform more and loving this new aspect of themselves which they never thought existed!

Sports and outdoor activities
The Tent encourages the residents to be involved in outdoor activities and sports thus enhancing in each resident a healthy lifestyle approach.

This is done through group games, gym workouts, the occasional canoeing/hikes or even as simply going for a brisk walk around the neighbourhood.

Focus classes
These may be in the form of meditational and/or yoga classes to give our residents and experience of self-control, discipline and a wholesome self both in body and spirit.

The Unplugged Programme
An Individual Care Plan is designed for each resident that will meet the social, emotional and physical needs of the resident. The Social Worker/Counsellor will use Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural approaches in individual and family group modes to help the residents and their families to transform the negatives in their lives to positives.